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    Our Vision is be the Number #1 technologically advanced Loss Adjuster in Africa, for: Insurance companies Insurance Brokers, and Insured.


    “To play our role as the vital interface between the policyholder and the insurer by providing an independent and impartial view of the facts in record time.".

  • Expertise

    We stand for expertise in all insurance questions. Our executive staff and experienced adjusters bring a vast array experience and expertise in all fields of claims adjusting.

  • Customers’ service

    When a claim is presented to the carrier, your representation in the field sets the tone and pace of the claim and the customer experiences. We believe this is one of the most highly critical aspect of customer experience and the claim itself.

  • Individual solution

    Our experience show that there is a seldom a universal solution when it comes to the handling of insurance claim. We believe in creating customized claim solutions for our customers.

  • Team work

    A firm that provide the peace of mind found when you know that your trusted ally is representing your best interest. An industry leader and innovator in the negotiation and settlement of all your insurance claims. We represent you and protect your interest. We are professional insurance claim experts employed by a policy holder who has effectively sustained all insurance claims. We save your time and money. We eliminate your stress. We negotiate your settlement.


Topclass Adjusters has over the years invested in technology that supports a uniform claim handling process that can handle policyholder, textual, estimation, visual and audio data. This step optimizes the process in preparation to convert the business from logistically centric physical adjuster response to being able to handle virtual adjustment services.

Our adoption of real-time visual technology, has given us the edge to competitively disrupt the current business models through the aid of technologically advanced systems that reduces human involvement, while heightening the speed and efficiency of the final outcome.

Laser Distance Meter

The Laser rule is a modern equipment used for a wide range of professional field measurement applications. From measuring a distance, area, volume, height or elevation value to verifying an azimuth direction and Pythagorean calculations. Our Laser rule places data on our finger tips.

4k Drone Machine

With the introduction of drone technology, data processing can be more accurate for volumetric measurements of stockpile. This technology makes use of a drone photogrammetry software or construction mapping software for stockpile volumetric measurement.

Spy Pen

We understand that the Spirit of Insurance is based on Utmost Good Faith. However, the economic pressures have often pushed erstwhile honest customers to make fraudulent claims. That is why we have introduced our spy pen technology. An innocuous device that captures data that inadvertently determine the outcome of a claim.


TOPCLASS ADJUSTERS are one of Nigeria’s top claim management firms. Reputable global PLAYERS. The company Topclass Adjusters Consultant Limited is a local agent of many reputable global players. Our primary services are in Loss Adjusting: fire and special perils, (FG) fidelity guarantee, (CAR) contractor all risk, (GIT) goods in transit, (MBD) machinery breakdown, money, cash in transit, motor, theft and burglary, marine, consequential loss, professional indemnity, contractor all risk ,erection all risk, contractor in transit, loss prevention and risk information analysis and other supported services in Nigeria and other countries on the west coast adjusters and consultant limited including business process outsourcing. We get to know your business, your employee and your customers we pull together the perfect solution and the best fit resources from across our global organisation to deliver result that truly make an impact on your bottom line. Our consulting solution goes beyond loss adjusting and offers a complete consulting solution to your policy holders. Our highly-qualified network of professional can deliver peace of mind with the industry’s most comprehensive work man ship warranty.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is insurance for cars, trucks, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Motor insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects.

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance is also an important type of insurance in Nigeria. This form of insurance covers all the risks that are results of fire. It is important as every other insurance policy because they are things we do not have control over.

Flood Insurance

One of the most overlooked forms of insurance for business and residential property owners is flood insurance — even in areas that are not considered ‘flood zones.’ Almost one of every four flood claims occur in areas not designated as flood zones. Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the Nigeria.

GIT Insurance

Any Individual or business that uses motor vehicles should maintain at least a minimum automobile insurance policy on the vehicles, covering personal injury, property damage, and general liability.

Oil and Gas Insurance

Oil and Gas Insurance is an insurance policy that covers human life, the environment and property from any accidents and oil and gas organization activities. The oil and gas industry consists of series of procedures, chemical reactions and harsh and difficult working conditions which tend to increase the risk to cost-intensive property, human life and environment. Thus, the industry needs to be insured to cover certain proportion of the liability in case of any accidents.

Marine Insurance

This type of insurance provides protection against loss of marine perils. In this case, marine perils include cases or situations like a collision with rocks or other ships, attacks from enemies, sea water or fire etc. All these are forms of damages opened to marines.

Burglary Insurance

This Policy Provides Cover Against Loss Or Damage To Your Properties E.g. Office Building, Equipment, And Other Movable Properties, By Theft Following Actual Forcible And Violent Entry Into Or Out Of Your Premises Or Any Attempt As Such Act.

Business Interruption Insurance

Depending on the size of the business and its vulnerability to losses resulting from damage to essential operating equipment or other property, a company may wish to purchase insurance that will cover loss of earnings if the business operations are interrupted in some way—by a strike, loss of power, loss of raw material supply, and so on.

Machinery Breakdown

This policy covers all those who own and use different types of plant machinery and mechanical equipment. This is a policy designed to insure the policyholder against damage to the machinery (already fixed and in use) caused by breakdown, principally from sources within the machine.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance provides necessary financial protection for professionals in such a precarious situation due to alleged neglect, error or omission whenever and wherever committed or communicated in the conduct of the insured's business in their professional capacity.